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    The World's leading 'Queen' Tribute Band; Mercury, now celebrating their 20th anniversary, has established itself as one of the world's most authentic tribute bands to Freddie Mercury and Queen. This award winning Band, with its dynamic stage show has been wowing audiences from the UK to Europe to Dubai.

    A choreographed stage show, with spectacular and authentic costumes, high class production including dramatic and striking lighting effects. The show includes stardom, showmanship and an energetic performance from Joseph Lee Jackson as 'Freddie', together with excellent musicianship, including beautifully crafted harmonies, and intricate guitar work from Glenn Scrimshaw as 'Brian May'.

    Mercury takes their audiences through a legacy of songs which never lose their stature as classics to live on forever. Mercury play theatres, outdoor festivals, high profile corporate and private events, gaining a renowned reputation, and returning to venues time and time again. Other prestigious shows include headlining a New Year's Eve Festival in Dubai which was broadcast live to millions via MTV Asia. Mercury were also asked to perform at the unveiling of the 1st memorial to Freddie Mercury in Feltham, in front of Brian May and Freddie Mercury's family. They have also played an exclusive concert for Queen's own Roger Taylor, and in front of Freddie Mercury's Mum , Jer Bulsara, who said:-

    "Freddie was an original. He and Queen were the best. But now, in this new century, Joseph, Glenn & Mercury are the next best thing"
    Freddie's Mum - Jer Bulsara 2010

    Starring:Joseph Lee Jackson, Glenn Scrimshaw
    Running Time:120 mins
    Show Time:9th May 2020
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  • GIMME ABBA - The Roaring 20s Tour

    Formed in 1999, Gimme Abba have been performing their fabulous tribute for over 20 years and are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with you. Now established as one of the best loved UK tributes to Abba, this unique stage show has developed over the years into more than just another Abba tribute show. This complete and superb Abba show reproduces the charismatic stage presence of the flamboyant and glam front four with a repertoire that draws from the greatest hits of Sweden's most famous export. The band brings you over two-hours of popular Abba songs that include choreographed dance routines, fascinating costume changes and four-part vocal harmonies dedicated to re-creating that original Abba party feel. "The humour, energy and enjoyment generated on stage delights audiences" and provides a light hearted side to our ever evolving show, without compromising the integrity of the performance. This spectacular show will bring back memories of that golden Abba era. This is not just another Abba tribute but a ‘truly complete and exciting Abba experience’ that is not to be missed! Abba’s music has stood the test of time and is a testament to the exceptional song writing of Benny and Bjorn, "being able to perform them for you is both a privilege and an honour, and one that we do not take lightly!" - Lawrence, Benny. Since forming over 20 years ago, Gimme ABBA have enjoyed theatre shows, concerts and festivals worldwide with performances in France, Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and nationwide across the United Kingdom and the channel isles. Please note: This show includes flashing lights

    Genres:Live Performance
    Running Time:150 mins
    Show Time:12th June 2020
  • Back To The Eighties Show

    Back to the Eighties sets itself aside from other shows currently on the market. It’s a Jukebox Musical featuring some of the most iconic songs from the 1980’s, in an interactive show that will have the audience out of their seats and dancing in the aisles.
    The show is set in the fictional nightclub ‘Electric Dreams’ and follows the owner (Jessie D’Lorean), the singer (Melody Maker), the DJ (Benny King) and the waitress (Kimberley Houston) over a couple of nights within the club.
    The script cleverly features over 50 references to 80’s popular culture, movies, and music (to which the audience are encouraged to spot and interact with, throughout).
    Subtly written around a simple, yet captivating story, the audience easily generates their own emotional attachment to the character’s stories, rooting for the ever needed ‘Happily Ever After’; which is celebrated with a mega-mix finale. It is an immersive experience for the entire audience from the moment they enter the theatre.

    Starring:Rob Bishop, Sara Petterson, Ellie Butler, Steven Greenwood
    Show Time:7th November 2020
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P.WB - Mercury
PWB - Ball and Boe
PWB - Dolittle
PWB - Emma
PWB - Like A Boss
PWB - Sonic The Hedgehog
PWB - Back to the Eighties
PWB - Bolshoi Ballet - Swan Lake
PWB - Bombshell
PWB - Royal Ballet - The Cellist - Dances at a Gathering
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